Viruses on the streets of China

While I was in the city of Xi'an, I lost my digital camera.  Whether I lost it or if it was stolen, I am not sure.  I'm about 70% sure I lost it.

Anyhow, I ended up losing pictures from about half of my trip (Beijing, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors).  So what did I do?  The only thing I could do; I bought another camera and continued to salvage the rest of the trip.

I went to a department store and bought an inexpensive camera that takes decent pictures, and they tossed in a 2-gig SD card.  But here's the problem.  I took a bunch of pictures and finished up my trip.  When I got home, I popped out the card and popped it into my (virus-protected) PC, and I discovered there was a virus on it that was scanned and cleaned.

So basically, I went to a store and bought a brand new SD card (from Kingston Technology... I've never heard of them) and it came pre-installed with a virus on it.  Seriously, how low can you get?  These types of things are supposed to be clean, but to be honest I wasn't all that surprised.  Ever since attending MAAWG last month I've been on a heightened sense of paranoia and I have found that has not been a bad thing.

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  1. fsso says:

    Man, I’m sorry about your DC, I’d lived in that city for several years, and I’m about 70% sure your DC’s stolen.

    About the SD card, trust me, Kingston is a very very good brand in local store, but I’m 99% sure your Kingston is not genuine.

  2. Tony Toews [MVP] says:

    fsso took the words right out of my keyboards.

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