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Bulletproof spam hosting services (ie, internet service providers that will host your site and ignore spam complaints) are one of the techniques that spammers use to put up spam sites.  Knowing that their provider will never take them down, they can put up their stuff and not have to worry about authorities coming down on them.

However, there's a bit of a cost to this; they have to pay their spammy providers a fee in order to have this privilege.  To that end, some spammers have moved to abusing free tools like Windows Live Spaces and Blogspot accounts.  Spammers will use bots to sign up for accounts and then upload a new spam suite.  Below is an example of a Windows Live Space account:


This is a spammer trade-off.  On the one hand, their costs are lowered because they don't have to pay their provider for bulletproofing hosting.  On the other hand, these accounts are far from bulletproof; in fact, they are big targets because Google and Microsoft will shut down right away if they discover that the web pages are abusive.  In addition, both Google and Microsoft are always working on their security algorithms so the automation of setting up these accounts is hit and miss.

In reality, these types of spammer tricks are nothing new.  It's pretty much the same as the Geocities and Tripod sites outbreaks a few years ago.  They are simply now using more of the free tools at their disposal.

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  1. Random Guy says:

    I have reported these to Google as an experiment and have never either received a response or seen the site taken down after two weeks of checking.  Three months later the site is down, but the spammers have well moved on.

  2. Norman Diamond says:

    Why do spammers pay for site hosting at all?  Why not just host their site on a bunch of bots?

    Some of the bots are located on ISPs that provide bulletproof site bot hosting.  For example yesterday bounced my spam report back to me, because accurately detected that’s spam site contained in my spam report was spam.

  3. Norman Diamond says:

    Same for   They correctly detected that their spam is spam, so they bounced my spam report back to me.  Why would anyone pay for bulletproof bot hosting when they can get it for free?

  4. setiawan says:

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  7. Anca B says:

    If friends (GUPI) site is a group of spammers  who mail in the in and steal everything you find in them, from database to credit card accounts. We found repeatedly e-mails from site owner GUPI above, by sending it to me I do not send unsolicited emails but they continued. We ask that those who specialize in hosting servers to put them in as many transgressions are with respect Anca B.


    Atentie prieteni, siteul  (GUPI) este un grup de spameri care intr-a in mailuri si va fura tot ce gasesc in ele, de la baza de date pana la conturile cartilor de credit.  Am gasit in repetate randuri e-mailuri de la GUPI detinatorul siteului de mai sus, eu trimitand catre acesta sa nu mai imi trimita mailuri nesolicitate dar acestea au continuat. Rugam ca cei specializati in gazduire servere sa le puna in vedere ca fac foarte multe nelegiuiri, cu stima Anca B.

  8. Stefaniu -gupi- Criste says:

    Dear Terry,

    as being the blog owner of, I kindly ask you to send the previous commenter (Anca B) a clear message:

    False allegations and innuendo are always turning against the one who launches them.

    I will always be open for contact and discussions with any person having the decency to come with reasonable arguments, but I will not consider stupid accusations coming from anonymous infants who cannot even spell correctly in their native language.

    Stefaniu Criste

    Timisoara, Romania

    (Terry, you can start any verification process you like, I will answer gladly)

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