A tour of Microsoft

Have you ever wondered what the Microsoft campus looks like?  Or what the rest of the buildings in the Puget Sound region look like?

Well, now you need wonder no longer!  I have personally visited every single Microsoft building here in the Seattle area and I made a video about it.  Check it out below.

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  2. Shane Prideaux says:

    Interesting video.

    You know if I hadn’t grown up with you I would REALLY think you were an odd duckling from watching that.

    I see you dance about as well as I do.  I had no idea MS had that many buildings.  One does have to wonder about the mental state of mind of someone who videotapes themselves bopping around in front of every building MS has in the area.  Exactly how many times did security come by?

    Oh well, nice to see you are keeping busy. LOL.


  3. it help says:

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