Which platform to use?

If you're familiar with television, the Internet and computers, no doubt you are familiar with the Mac vs PC commercials.  They're humorous and they poke fun at some of the stereotypes of Windows/PCs.

In spam filtering, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm actually pretty neutral with regards to the platform used to fight spam.  As a user, I use both Windows and Linux on a daily basis in my spam fighting.  I use Windows to analyze data and make presentations, not to mention writing reports.  The back-end work (especially Microsoft Office) is in the critical path of my daily work flow.  I do a whole pile of research using Linux because many of the native Linux commands, like dig and awk, are incredibly convenient to use and they don't have Windows equivalents.  I use Linux to acquire data.  I use Windows to analyze and organize it. 

The one advantage that Windows has, I think, is that various software bits like SQL Server, Exchange and IIS can be leveraged to integrate more smoothly because they are developed by the same company.

As a personal user, I use both platforms, but I also use the Mac to do video editing and some web surfing once in a while.  So you see, different platforms can be used to accomplish different things.  It all depends on what you use it for.

I get off my soapbox to embed this funny video I found on Youtube, it's a Mac vs PC vs Linux parody and I thought I'd post it here.  It makes fun of all the platforms.

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  1. Rob McEwen says:

    Everything I do is on either a windows workstation or window server. Also, my dnsbl engine, as well as the majority of my custom-written spam filter, is .NET-powered.

    I get "the treatment" from other unix folks all the time… but I take it in stride. The way I see it, results speak for themselves, and good architecture trumps programming language and platform any day!

    For example, one thing I do allows for about 70% of all legit messages to bypass ALL spam filtering. That is a huge plus because it is the legit messages which take the most resources to spam filter since they have to go through the entire filtering process. I do this VERY carefully so as to not incur FNs. So this is a huge efficiency gain… order of magnitudes beyond what gain I may get from using a particular platform or programming language.

    I’m wondering if I’m the only significant DNSBL that is ".NET powered"?

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