Fake charity names?

Spamwars reports that the SANS Internet Storm Center have reported a number of domain names containing the word "gustav" are being registered.  In case you are unaware, Hurricane Gustav is the latest hurricane that threatens to pummel the southern US coast, similar to Katrina 3 years ago.

This domain-registering is significant because while it may be legitimate, it probably isn't.  It's spammers and scammers getting a jump on everyone else in anticipation of a storm.  When the storm hits, the spammers send out spam to people saying "Please donate here to Gustav relief!"  Of course, the money goes to the scammer and nobody actually ever gets any aid (unless the spammer decides to make a donation).

I remember seeing this with Katrina a few years back.  Let's hope Gustav misses so all the spammers end up wasting time and money.

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