Some updates on traffic statistics

An interesting pattern has occurred over the year-to-date.

We saw an up-tick in spam in the month of December that was outside the rise in the number of customers that we acquired.  However, in January, we saw a week-over-week decline for four consecutive weeks (a lot like the Nasdaq).  From the peak, it dropped 23% (again, a lot like the Nasdaq).

However, in February, starting from the week starting Feb 11, we saw two major back-to-back increases in message traffic.  First we saw a 13% weekly gain and then a 25% weekly gain.  Since then, it has been stable but the bottom line is that we are seeing more mail in a day than we saw in a week compared to a year ago.  Some of this is due to growth of the business, but more is due to spammers simply sending more spam.

Looks like spammers were busy over the holidays, took a small vacation in January and then have come roaring back in February and March.  I'd like to say that maybe some of these antispam lawsuits have disrupted their work patterns but I'd most likely be wrong.

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