Spammers and environmentalists?

This is a rather strange story that has come to my attention.

I live near Seattle and the other day I was reading a story about a suspected domestic terror organization that set fire to several multimillion dollar homes in Woodinville, a Seattle suburb and only about 15 minutes from where I live.  The suspect in the case is the Earth Liberation Front, an organization that has been classified as a domestic terror group by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

From Reuters:

A hand-painted sign, which carried the initials of the Earth Liberation Front, a band of radical activists blamed for several arsons in the U.S. Pacific Northwest in recent years, denounced rural developments and "McMansions," a derisive term for similar-looking homes in newly formed communities.

The sign, shown on local television, read "Built Green? Nope BLACK! McMansions + RCD's r not green. ELF." RCD is an acronym for rural cluster development.

I first heard about the organization when I read Michael Crichton's State of Fear last year where the main villain was a group called the Environmental Liberation Front, loosely based on the ELF.

I decided to do a Google search for the ELF.  What I found was really weird.  The very first link that comes up is a link that goes to the org's page (actually, there is no official membership in the ELF, so somebody simply decided to put the page up and claim their name).  Yet, the link in Google appears as the following:


I thought that was really weird as a description for a link.  If you go to the page, there are various articles and defenses of the actions of the ELF, however, there are also piles and piles of ads for spammers.  There are ads for Viagra, Generic Viagra (a sure sign of spammers since there is no such thing as generic Viagra since the product is still under patent protection), tobacco lawsuits-are-us, credit card applications, and so forth.

Perhaps this organization, or rather, some members of it, get some of their funding by pushing spam products.  Now that'd be a new twist I hadn't thought of before.

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  1. Prashant says:

    For environmentalists burning houses is a way of expressing their anger at the eco-unfriendly

    behaviour of others. Like flying a trans-atlantic

    flight with 5 passengers ( What a terrible crime !)

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