Missed my shot again!

In my other post, I mentioned that I missed my chance to see a famous American politician visit the Microsoft campus.  Well, it turns out that it happened again!

This morning, I came to work and was meeting some people in the hallway around 10 am and I heard that this time Bill Clinton was in town!  Argh!  How bad can my timing possibly be?  I wasn't even aware he was going to be there.  Not that I'm a Bill Clinton fan, but I like politics and would have liked to have taken the chance to meet a former president.  How many people can say that?  Well, probably quite a few but nobody that I know.

But, at least I didn't foolishly sell any more stocks only to see them go up afterwards.  As a matter of fact, I got back into one that I sold 80 points ago (but purchased fewer shares).  So I am making up for that mistake.

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  1. Join the MS Political Action Committee and you’ll never miss another one again, they email these to me all the time.  They’ll have all the presidential candidates on campus, too bad you also missed Ron Paul …

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    The Clinton speech was inspiring and fun.  I’m sorry you missed it.    McKinley and a couple of overflow rooms were packed and the crowd was alternately enthusiastic and mesmerized by Clinton’s charisma.  What a treat to see two stirring public figures in less than two weeks!  There are lots more great candidates and leaders coming to Microsoft.  Why don’t you go to http://mspac now and add the dates to your calendar?  I think Mitt Romney is next.

  3. Norman Diamond says:

    > a famous American politician

    That’s XP.  eX-Politician.  Maybe next First Man.

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