Using my Mac to write posts on this blog

I was unable to find compatible blogging software for my Mac to post on my MSDN blog (ie, this one).  So, when I'm working on my Mac I have to log in to the site and write the post.  That's not such a big deal, except that Mac software and this MSDN blog aren't totally compatible.

On more than one occasion I have written a post only see it vanish into the deep cavern of cyber-blackness (ie, it gets deleted and I lose it).  I have learned the lesson to never click on the Preview tab and then back to the Write tab.  The text never repopulates the writing pane and stays grayed out forever.  And my post that I just wrote?  It vanishes completely.  I could simply copy-and-paste all the text before going to the Preview tab, but what's the point?  I'm going to lose all the text anyways so I just quickly look over what I have written and then hit Publish.

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