A trip to Spamatopia – part 2

As I said in my last post, I travelled to Spamatopia last week and landed in Michelangelo, the capital city of Virus Valley.  Virus Valley didn't seem like too bad a place, but it was very dreary overhead.  It seemed like it was always going to rain but all we ever got was a little bit of drizzle.  The streets of the city were very hilly in some parts as well, at least they were by the ocean.  Spamatopia is a fairly large island and Virus Valley is one of the coastal regions.  There are some steep declines down near the coast but they are steeper than they used to be; a few years ago there was a major renovation project to level out the grade of the hills so they are shallower now than they used to be.

Anyways, Virus Valley is an odd place.  I talked with some of the locals and they say that the population of the place is smaller than it used to be, but that they are much more efficient than in previous years (ie, they get more done with fewer people).  Not only that, but there are a lot of out-of-state travellers who do a lot of business in Virus Valley.  I looked around and sure enough there were plenty of cars on the streets registered to people in Spamzahkstan.  I asked the locals if the residents of Spamzahkstan came here often, and they said yes, but not every state sent as much business their way as Pumpenstock and Fauxpharm.

Not only that, but in the past year and a half or so, they've seen a huge influx of commuters from Phinland.  There are conferences from time-to-time between business people from Phinland, Virus Valley and Spamzahkstan but rarely are the Phins and Spamzahstanis ever attending the same ones.  The head honchos of Virus Valley are apparently well-diversified and well-connected to others in Spamzahkstan and Phinland, but they didn't reveal whether the Phins and Spamzahkstanis were in cohoots with each other.

Virus Valley is definitely a service-oriented place.  They don't exist for themselves, their main industry is to provide service to neighboring states.  The locals told me that once upon a time people used to manufacture goods that didn't do much other than annoy other people but that part of the business is not as important anymore.  They can make a lot more money in the service industry. 

I wandered around town for an hour taking in the sites.  When I was satisified with my tour of the place I got in my car and headed east - to Spamzahkstan.

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