Bordering on the ridiculous, but it’s still kind of fun

One of the things I do here at work is write a bi-weekly (ahem) newsletter summarizing what is going on in the world of spam.  For some reason, I have decided to name the spam world Spamatopia.  It is populated with a lot of undesirable types, most of whom will resort to dubious measures in order to make a few dollars.

Within Spamatopia there are a number sub-domains (pun-intended), that is, different provinces where birds of a feather flock togther.  There's Virus Valley, Malwaremar, Phinland (inhabited by phishers) and Spamzakhstan.  Even Spamzakhstan has different regions where different spammers reside: my sources tell me there is a flourishing community around Pumpenstock, and they regularly compete with the folks in FauxpharmSoft El Reducio is also well-known in the land but it is unknown how well they actually do in real life.  And of course, there are the snobbish intellectual elites in Diploma Central; those guys are not a very large region, they are more like a city-state.

I might take a visit there this weekend, I'll see if I can find a map.

One more thing, I think I've played too many Super Mario racing games...

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