IronPort’s Virus Threat Level

I was just checking out IronPort's virus threat level available on their web page, and the three levels of outbreaks are Red, Orange and Green. 

Now, even though I live in Canada and we have no analogous system, shouldn't that threat level contain two extra colours and be Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green?


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  1. MonaRonaDona says:

    received a popup virus that says hi I am MonaRonaDona I am here to wreck.destroy your PC ~ reason for creating this was to cause stress & havoc to make people aware of Human Rights Violation Etc ~ it is REALLY messing up my PC & has already wiped out internet explorer, mozilla foxfire & many others & every thing on desktop (lots of games) come up blank, don’t load  & more troubles ~ HOW CAN I DELETE MonaRonaDona virus??????????????? please reply ASAP

    truly thank you for any help you can provide

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