Spam level hits 94%… but you heard it here first

I see on Spamroll that they came across an article on techweb that lets us know that spam hit 94% of all email traffic in December.  I don't want to brag (oh, wait, yes I do), but I reported in this post the following on December 27:

Approximately 6% of our inbound mail during the week, excluding holidays, is legitimate.  That drops to about 2% on weekends. 

6% legitimate mail is 94% spam which means I reported the same thing two weeks earlier than techweb did.  Heh.

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  1. Doug says:

    What will it take to make a secure and trusted email system that would do away with spam and malicious emails?

    – SMTP and POP3 have to go

    – whatever replaces it needs to have wide industry acceptance

    – no vendor lock in

  2. DQ says:

    Well, Postini is counting viruses as "spam".  I agree that 94% is happening some places for total non-ham traffic, but since when are worms considered "spam"?


  3. tzink says:

    Hello, Doug,

    You bring up valid points, in my view industry wide acceptance is the biggest obstacle.  It would take several years to get everybody on board, mainly because senders in countries outside of the United States would have lower and slower rates of compliance.

  4. tzink says:

    Hey, DQ,

    > but since when are worms considered "spam"?

    Valid point.  I expanded the definition of spam from "unsolicited commerical email" to include "non-legitimate mail."  This actually breaks my rule of making sure spam rules target what you do want, rather than specifying what you don’t.

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