Looking for some Mac blogging software

A couple of months ago I downloaded Windows Live Writer.  As far as blog publishing tools go, this is the all the blogging software that I need.  I can pick which blog I want, write a post, and then click upload.  Other than editing posts later on (which the software seems to be fairly limited in doing, it's a Live Writer not a Live Editor or Manager), it does what I need.

However, I recently picked up a Mac laptop.  I didn't replace my Windows laptop, I just wanted to have a Mac as well.  Now I need some blogging software for it that is similar to Live Writer.  I need it to be able for me to pick which blog I want to upload to and press Publish to upload it.  That's what Live Writer does, that's what I want my Mac blog software to be able to do at a minimum without having to start a new blog.  I have two; I'm not starting one more.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Edit: I'm viewing the spam traffic analysis post on my Mac as well as my Windows machine.  I had to make the image smaller to make it fit on the screen better so I reduced the dimensions by 25%.  It looks much better on the Mac than in Windows in terms of how grainy and pixelly the image is.

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  1. Rosyna says:

    You might want to try MarsEdit or ecto. you can find links to them and reviews on http://www.macupdate.com

  2. I’ve used both Mars Edit and Ecto and they are pretty good but not perfect. Ecto is more powerful but both apps seem to not honor the WYSIWYG layout and sometimes like to change your code on you if you edit it by hand instead of using their GUI. They are still useful though if you have a lot of blogs and want to do simple updates on a frequent basis without any complex layout needs.

  3. Julie says:

    Blog.Mac…its fast, but customizable templates and works well with iLife

  4. Dennis Garbis (dgarbis) says:

    I believe you can use iWeb (comes with current Mac iLife) to develop and edit non-dot-Mac blogs and web designs. Also:

    Easy iWeb Publisher v1.3.2



    (248 kb)

    Easy iWeb Publisher is a free application for Mac users without .mac subscriptions that makes it easy to upload sites created with iWeb to any web host by just dragging and dropping.

    Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

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