Are some days of the week spammier than others?

Further to my other post below, I decided to investigate whether or not some days of the week are spammier than others.  To calculate this, I took all the data that I had for volume of spam (N=43) and calculated the total weekly volume and the total weekly volume excluding weekends.  Our volume always goes down on weekneds.  Then, I calculated the average number of spam messages per day with our total volume and total volume excluding weekends.

I then calculated the day-of-the-week volume as a percent of average volume excluding weekends, and then averaged the results.  The results are below:

Sunday      87.39%
Monday      98.34%
Tuesday     99.65%
Wednesday  101.61%
Thursday   100.51%
Friday      99.88%
Saturday    89.92%

From the above, the results are not particularly statistically relevant.  We already knew our volume was down on weekends.  Now we know that it is down by about 11% as compared to the rest of the week.  On the other hand, I find it interesting that spam tends to peak on Wednesdays, with Mondays being the lowest weekday.  We get our most spam submissions on Monday (by far) and it declines throughout the week.

While the rest of us are happy getting through to mid-week, spammers are upping the ante.

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