Gracie, gracie… that’s a nice donut.

One of the benefits of being a spam analyst is that you get to sharpen your foreign language recognition skills.  Now, normally this isn't an issue for me, as I am fluent in over six million forms of communication.  Today was such an occasion when I got to demonstrate my powers of semantics.

We had a number of spam submissions sent into us in a foreign language.  My co-worker (who happens to be Chinese) asked me what language the spams were written in.  I took a look at it and said "South-east Asian."  I knew exactly what countries I meant but I was being deliberately vague.

"What countries in south east Asia?" she asked.

"Thailand," I replied.  She didn't believe me right away, so I told her to go to the site that the spam was advertising and do a whois on the site.  I turned out that looking up the whois information was unnecessary.  The site went to  That is the TLD for Thailand, the very language that the spam was written in.  Once again, my incredible powers of observation proved that when it comes to spam, I am Keanu Reeves.

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