Looks like Yahoo has changed their footer

Readers of my blog will know that I frequently complain about Yahoo's spam filtering service, Yahoo SpamGuard.  They claim to have the best spam filtering around, it was in their email footers.

Well, I don't see it in their email footers anymore.  I wonder if they figured out that their claim to be the best spam filter is blatantly false.  I have a Yahoo email address, and have had it since 1997.  This year I have seriously been considering getting rid of it because of the amount of spam that gets through.  I understand that it catches hundreds of mail in my junk mail folder, so much that I can't check it because it would take so much time to hunt through for false positives.  But on the other hand, I sometimes get 10 mails a day through to my inbox and that's just unacceptable from the best email spam filtering around.

I know for a fact that some of the emails that they let through, we catch.  Sometimes I will forward it to myself just to check our filters and most of the time we don't let it through.  A perfect example is pharmacy spam with subject lines like "Re: PHAffzRMACY".  We have been blocking that stuff since at least April yet it still gets past Yahoo's spam service. 

I wonder if the higher-ups who run the Yahoo organization use Yahoo's anti-spam filtering for their corporate email accounts?  I would use our spam filtering services for my business if I had one but I certainly would not use Yahoo's.  I wouldn't even use my own personal email address either as I have been getting an increasing amount of spam through that one as well.

Maybe I've been here too long because I'm starting to think we really are the best anti-spam service around.

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