Spam has no political affiliation

Now that election season is starting to heat up (in the United States) I am starting to notice a lot of submissions coming from people that are political in nature.  These are usually fundraising letters or "rally-the-troops" emails from the Democratic or Republican National Committees.

What I find amusing is that I see the exact same submissions in our spam abuse inbox (ie, submissions that people consider spam) that I see in our false positive submission inbox.  One man's trash really is another man's treasure.  What do we do with a letter from Howard Dean, John Kerry or Ken Mehlman?  Some people want them, others want them deleted and kept from their inboxes. 

Probably the best way to keep from getting these types of messages is to unsubscribe from them when you get them.  Technically speaking, a letter from the DNC or RNC is not spam since in all probability they are sending permission-based email.  If a "legitimate" newsletter has an unsubscribe link, most of the time they work and will unsubscribe you.  That's probably the best way to get off their lists.  Just remember this one tip - they aren't spam.

On the other hand (or perhaps it is the same hand), they probably aren't business-related emails either...  I'm just saying, is all.

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