SCOM Printer Monitoring Management Pack Supplement (Updated: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016)


Back in 2010 Steve Rachui posted a fantastic management pack which added support for monitoring Windows 2003 and 2008 print servers. The original post is located here so you can read all about the functionality:


In summary:

Printer MP Supplement
The focus for building out this MP supplement was to offer individualized printer monitoring.  Further, monitoring should include the ability to detect the 12 error conditions available from the printer MP in the catalog and each error condition should be configurable as to whether or not it is enabled and, if so, how long the error condition should persist before considering it to be a problem.  Lets walk through the MP.” –Steve


Introducing the “Tasty Printer Monitoring” management pack. I made a few changes and improvements. I streamlined the discovery scripts for the Printer and Print Server (role and server) classes. There are now only 3 scripts (1 for printers, 1 for print server roles, 1 for print servers)  instead of an individual script for each OS version role and each OS version server. I cleaned up a few little things and renamed the MP so this is not an “update” to the original management pack. This is technically a different pack. You would not want to use both this pack and the original. If this new one meets your needs then you should remove the older pack. All of the Printer Role discoveries are enabled by default (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016).


Here are a few screenshots from my lab. I don’t have many printers so I had to manipulate my lab for these screenshots so that even the non-shared printers were discovered. THIS IS ONLY FOR THESE EXAMPLE SCREENSHOTS. Only your shared printers will be discovered.




This is just an example of my lab where I enabled the discovery of the non-shared printers for demonstration purposes only.

Normally your standard printer types would not be discovered (“Microsoft Print to PDF”, “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”, “Fax”, etc.)




Comments (4)

  1. Nacho Oller says:

    Really interesting!
    I tested in my lab and all goes fine until now.
    Now I going to implement in the production environment.
    You have my five starts rate 😉

    1. Tyson.Paul says:

      Great. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes in production.

  2. Thanks for the MP, just what we are looking for. Can you confirm how we turn each condition alert on or off? We don’t want to be alerted for No/Low paper so in overrides I have selected “NoPaperErrorDetectionEnabled” and set the value to 0 but I am still receiving no paper alerts. Funny thing is when I look at one of the printers giving this alert there is plenty of paper in the trays.
    We really want to be alerted on low/no toner and when I look at some printers they are very low on some toner (below 5%, on one printer 1%) but we have not received any alerts for low toner.
    Is it restricted to certain printer manufacturers or am I doing something wrong (usually the latter!!!)

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Tyson.Paul says:

      Hi Stuart,
      I had basically just ported this over from the original author’s work and streamlined a few things, added support for more OSs, etc. The majority of it is written in vbs which is not my forte. It would take some effort and time to troubleshoot especially since I don’t have your printer(s) on hand. I can’t make any promises on this but I will try to revisit this if I can find the time in the coming months.

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