System Center Operations Manager

Tasty Treats for System Center Operations Manager (by Tyson Paul)

SquaredUp SQL Dashboards for ALL of your SQL Servers

Thanks to the nice folks over at I am able to test their SquaredUp addon for SCOM in my own lab. I must admit that I am very impressed with how beautiful the dashboards are and how incredibly easy they are to configure and design. This post is specifically about one very nice SQL… Read more

SCOM 2012: How Does an Agent Task Get Executed?

  I was recently working on creating some agent Powershell tasks for a management pack project and it occurred to me: I don’t fully understand how agent tasks get executed. What I mean is, I know how they work for the most part thanks to the school of hard knocks and also this fantastic explanation:… Read more

URLGenie Management Pack for SCOM – An Easy, Powerful Solution for Bulk Website Monitoring

  2018.12.10: Version available. Fixed the clientcert group population. 2018.10.23 Update: Version 2 now available!  Current version: (this does require a rip and replace of previous versions before v2.x) Management pack and Guide available for download here. (the guide has been fully updated )   Let me start by first saying that I was inspired to… Read more

SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2

  SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2 now supports Subscriber schedules and Address schedules! Setup Instructions:  See original post.   You can download the current version of this script from Technet Gallery   Note: Any exclusions take precedence over any inclusions.   Page Updates: 2015.3.12: Modified the script slightly to change the way the PSModulePath variable gets… Read more