System Center Operations Manager

Tasty Treats for System Center Operations Manager (by Tyson Paul)

Set Primary and Failover Management Servers for Agent Managed Computers with Powershell


Here’s an easy script to set the primary and secondary management servers for all agent managed computers in your management group. Just run this on any management server:

$primaryMS = (Get-SCOMManagementServer | Sort-Object DisplayName )[0]

$failoverMS = (Get-SCOMManagementServer | Sort-Object DisplayName )[1]

Get-SCOMAgent | % { Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $_ -PrimaryServer $primaryMS; `
Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $_ -FailoverServer $failoverMS}

Get-SCOMAgent | Select @{Label=”Agent”; Expression={$_.Displayname}}, @{Label=”Primary MS”; `
Expression={$_.PrimaryManagementServerName}}, @{Label=”Failover MS Server(s)”; `
Expression={$_.GetFailoverManagementServers().DisplayName}} | Format-Table -Autosize


*Note: this script works well for agents that have never been assigned parent/failover with PowerShell. Once you use PowerShell to assign parents, it becomes problematic to assign new parents especially if you only have 2 management servers. You cannot set the parent the same as failover, and you cannot set failover the same as parent so the cmdlet “Set-SCOMParentManagementServer”  won’t work a second time. You cannot have duplicate assignments.  You have to use a more complicated approach to reassign the parent/failover(s) from that point forward (with PowerShell). Example: here