Export SCOM Rule and Monitor Knowledge Articles with PowerShell

  Export-SCOMKnowledge.ps1 : Download at TechNet Gallery This will output workflow information (including Knowledge Article content) to an HTML report or CSV file. Script accepts one or more (or all) management pack objects as input. Can export from SCOM using the SDK connection OR from management pack files. Report Example Usage Examples All Active Directory…


SCOM Operations Manager Shell PowerShell Error When Launched as Administrator

Sometimes when the Operations Manager Shell is opened as an Administrator you will see the error in the screenshot below. I believe this has to do with how User Account Control (or UAC) is configured. The “Start in” parameter on the shortcut is ignored and the shortcut is unable to locate the startup scripts.  …


SCOM Printer Monitoring Management Pack Supplement (Updated: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016)

  Back in 2010 Steve Rachui posted a fantastic management pack which added support for monitoring Windows 2003 and 2008 print servers. The original post is located here so you can read all about the functionality: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/steverac/2010/12/04/focusing-on-the-printer-printer-monitoring-mp-supplement/   In summary: “Printer MP Supplement The focus for building out this MP supplement was to offer individualized…


How to Correctly Create an Override for a SCOM Workflow

  Never store overrides in the “Default Management pack”. Don’t do it.    In fact, rename the Default Management Pack right now to:  DO NOT USE – Default Management Pack – DO NOT USE     If you store an override in the Default Management Pack then somewhere a puppy loses its ears and then…


Certificate Request from Standalone CA Certificate Authority for Operations Manager, SCOM 2012/R2

  Note: Every management server (except if it is the standalone CA) and every untrusted agent or untrusted gateway server will require installation of the ROOT CA certificate. This certificate will need to be imported into the Local Computer -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities store by using the MMC with the Certificates snap-in. Instructions below….


SCOM: Windows Server Logical Disk Volume Name Added!

As you may be aware, the Windows server logical disks and mount points discoveries do not populate the Volume Name property. I have no idea why the product group left the label out of the original discovery script or why it hasn’t been added in any subsequent updates. It was easy enough to add back in….


SQL Run As Account Configuration for SCOM Made Easy

SQL RunAs account configuration is one of those SCOM topics that seem to be more on the tricky side of things. There are a number of articles hanging around the “innerwebs” that provide some level of instruction on ways that one might go about it. Kevin Holman offers an excellent article that explains much of what you would…


How to Get Knowledge Article from a SCOM Alert with Powershell

I’ve had numerous requests lately for scripts to extract Knowledge Article info from alerts and workflows so I thought it might be helpful to post some scripts for the community to use. Get-SCOMAlertKnowledge.ps1 : Download at TechNet Gallery Get-SCOMAlertKnowledge.ps1 This script is geared towards use with a connector, possibly for Service Manager ticketing or with…


SquaredUp SQL Dashboards for ALL of your SQL Servers

Thanks to the nice folks over at SquaredUp.com I am able to test their SquaredUp addon for SCOM in my own lab. I must admit that I am very impressed with how beautiful the dashboards are and how incredibly easy they are to configure and design. This post is specifically about one very nice SQL…