Announcing TypeScript 0.9.5

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 0.9.5.  This release focuses on addressing feedback from the community around quality and stability.  In this release, we’ve fixed over 100 issues related to memory leaks, CPU usage, crashes, and compiler correctness.  This has helped the TypeScript experience for developing large-scale JavaScript applications become a more robust and… Read more

TypeScript and the Road to 1.0

With TypeScript, we have focused on bridging the wildly popular JavaScript language with types for easy error detection, while bringing forward features from the future version of JavaScript in a way that’s compatible with modern browsers.  We’re now focused on getting to TypeScript 1.0, and in this post we’ll give an update on our plans to… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 RC

As part of the Visual Studio 2013 RC, we have included TypeScript, the most recent TypeScript release.  This will help us reach out to a broader audience of early adopters for feedback on TypeScript’s features, and help us shape TypeScript going forward.  If you haven’t had a chance to try out TypeScript, yet, please… Read more

New Visual Studio 2013 Features for TypeScript

As users expect more from the web – more features, more device support, more interactivity – ASP.NET developers are increasingly building large JavaScript applications. Starting with 0.9.1, a key focus for TypeScript’s capabilities in the Visual Studio support is enabling TypeScript to work better with ASP.NET projects. Adding TypeScript to a Project To get started with TypeScript in an… Read more

Announcing TypeScript

Today, we’re releasing TypeScript, a hotfix release of TypeScript 0.9.1.  The release addresses 25 issues discovered by the community and includes fixes for compiler crashes, memory consumption, type system correctness, and more. This release also temporarily adds back in the flags to allow “import x = module(…)” and the ‘bool’ type (–allowimportmodule and –allowbool, respectively),… Read more

Announcing 0.9.1

We’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 0.9.1.  With this version we’ve focused on fit and finish, improving the compiler performance and rounding out the language and ASP.NET support. Improved Performance When we released 0.9.0, we introduced a re-written compiler and language service which scaled better for interactive use cases and supported many new… Read more

Announcing TypeScript

We are excited to see the feedback and interest in all the new features that we’ve released with TypeScript 0.9.  We’re already seeing users converting hundreds of thousands of lines to the new version and using the new features in earnest.  Today, we’re releasing an update that addresses a few of the highest priority issues that… Read more

Announcing TypeScript 0.9

Today, we’re excited to be releasing TypeScript 0.9.0.  This release represents the largest update to TypeScript to date, bringing significant changes to the language, compiler and tools.  These span from highly requested new language features like Generics, to a new compiler infrastructure that lays the foundation for TypeScript tools scalability, to hundreds of bug fixes… Read more

Announcing 0.9 early previews

Today we’re making an early preview available which showcases some of the new features coming in 0.9.0 preview release.  It’s intended for users who wish to try out these features, begin porting existing applications, and who don’t mind a few rough edges in the compiler and language service along the way.  Users who wish to… Read more

Announcing TypeScript

We’ve released a hotfix to the 0.8.3 TypeScript for Visual Studio 2012 plugin.  The 0.8.3 preview release included a broad range of improvements to the TypeScript experience, but it also included an issue that caused editor performance to degrade significantly in some cases.  The hotfix release ( addresses this issue and can be found here…. Read more