On assuming your customers are innumerate

So I was shopping for a couch this week and saw one I liked. I asked about delivery options.

The salesperson replied, "It's an $80 base fee for delivery plus a $20 per-piece charge."

Considering this price a little high, I asked, "Well, when could I come pick it up my self?"

The salesperson cheerfully said, "The warehouse is open all day on weekdays, so any time is good. I should just let you know that there's a $25 pickup fee, though."

"What? Why not just add $25 to the base price and make the base delivery fee $55?"

"Good idea. I'll bring it up with my manager," the salescritter lied.

I decided to shop elsewhere. Anyone capable of shenanigans like that is probably being underhanded with respect to other parts of his business. How on earth is this stuff legal?

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