SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Performance Guidance

Wow this is great day.  The SQL team has worked really hard in creating a performance guidance document with solid suggestions and performance numbers when running on WS08 Hyper-V. They looked at OLAP and OLTP workloads.  Even if you are not running SQL it will give you and idea of how other database like workloads…


Hyper-V Performance Counters – Part five of many – "Hyper-VM VM Vid Numa Node"

There are a couple of performance counter sets in Hyper-V that show memory usage.  These counters tend to show memory used by one component of the system and the “Hyper-V VM Vid Numa Node” counter set is no different.  This counter set is intended to show memory used by the Virtual Infrastructure Driver (Vid).  The…


Looking for that last ounce of performance? Then try affinitizing your VM to a NUMA node

There are not many performance knobs in Hyper-V which is by design.  We really seek out of the box performance.  However if you are looking for that last bit of performance from your Virtual Machines (VM’s) and have already made a good selection for networking and storage you might consider setting the Non-Uniform Access (NUMA)…


Hyper-V Storage Analysis

Hyper-V Perfies, In a previous blog entry I explained the different types of storage choices you have with Hyper-V.  However we had nore released yet so no numbers could be published.  You can find the original post below… http://blogs.msdn.com/tvoellm/archive/2007/10/13/what-windows-server-virtualization-aka-viridian-storage-is-best-for-you.aspx Now that we have release I wanted to share some numbers from a mid-range storage device. …


WS08 Hyper-V now supports 24LP

Hyper-V Perfies,   Now available to the general public is Windows Server 2008 (WS08) Hyper-V 24 Logical Processor (LP) Support.  This revises our RTM support limit of 16 Logical Processors.  We also increased the number of supported running virtual machines from 128 to 192.  This update also has the side benefit of improving workloads that…


BizTalk team releases best practice doc for running on WS08 Hyper-V

Below is a great link on how to get BizTalk 2006 working on top of Hyper-V.  It includes practical advice that applies to other servers and roles as well. Check it out… http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc768518.aspx    Tony


How to get Processor Utilization for Hyper-V via WMI

There are a number of groups building management software (OEMs, Microsoft, …) for Hyper-V which is cool to see.  A common ask from these teams has been around reading and computing VM CPU usage. The following is an example of how to compute Hyper-V guest processors usage.  You can use the same formula for “%…


WS08 Hyper-V as RTMed!!!!

Wow its been a great ride helping get Hyper-V to perform the way it does.  So much so I’ve not posted in a while.  You will see some upcoming posts on performance counters, WMI perf interfaces, and real data (yes now with RTM I can post data). In the meantime check out my co-workers post on…


Windows Server Performance 2008 Tuning guide now includes Hyper-V

The Windows Server Performance team has updated teh Window Server 2008 Tuning guide to include Hyper-V.  The Hyper-V section provide a lot of recommendations you will find useful. Check it out below… http://blogs.technet.com/winserverperformance/archive/2008/06/17/power-and-hyper-v-are-now-part-of-the-windows-server-2008-tuning-guide.aspx    


Why can’t I start my VM when there is plenty of free memory?

Issue #1: A number of customers has reported than VM’s fail to start when there is plently of memory.  The error reported from the Hyper-V manager is displayed below.  Here I tried to start a 4GB VM when there was 7+GB free.   What’s going on? The most common cause has to do with a bug…