Adding security groups to Reporting services security doesn’t take effect until IIS is restarted

If you grant Reporting services permissions (via http://servername/Reports  | folder properties | security) to Windows security groups, you may find out that people belonging to those groups don’t immediately get the expected access rights. For performance reasons IIS caches authorization tokens. For more details on how to configure it, see the following KB article:  


Secure reports, parameters and User!UserID

I have seen enough questions on how to protect parameters passed to reports to warrant a blog entry.   Let’s say if you want to integrate a report containing HR data in your application. Let’s assume the data in the HR database is keyed by the EmployeeID field. Your application will figure out the value…


Reporting Services SP1 and rsInvalidDataSourceCredentialSetting errors

If you upgraded to RS SP1 and noticed some of your reports that used to work fail now with the following error: “The current action cannot be completed because the user data source credentials that are required to execute this report are not stored in the report server database. (rsInvalidDataSourceCredentialSetting)” here is the what to…


Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – measuring and improving performance

§       Optimize your report queries. Usually the bulk of report execution time is spent executing queries and retrieving results. If you are using SQL Server, tools such as Query Analyzer and Profiler can help you optimize your queries and Database Tuning Advisor can suggest better indexes for your database. §       Measure: The Report Server ExecutionLog…