Understanding ARIMA time series analysis with R (part 2)

In this post I describe the background and how-to for time-series analysis with more practical and advanced topics, non-stationary time-series (ARIMA) and seasonal time-series (Seasonal ARIMA), which is based on the basic idea (knowledge) in my previous post.
Through these posts (part1 and part2), you can shortly understand the outline for ARIMA time-series analysis.


Understanding ARIMA time series analysis with R (part 1)

The time-series analysis in statistical learning is frequently needed in the practical system. Here I outline the time-series analysis with ARIMA model for developers building your intuitions.


Analyze your data in Azure Data Lake with R (R extension)

When you run your R with data in Azure Data Lake, you don’t need to move or download your data. Here I show you how to use R extensions in Azure Data Lake along with the real scenarios.


Analyze your text in R (MicrosoftML)

This shows how you can analyze your text (text featurization) using MicrosoftML package in R with the simple sentiment analytics example.