Commerce Server 2007 Book Now Available!

Glen Smith has published the very much anticipated Commerce Server 2007 book.  To buy it, click here.  I know I am ordering a copy ASAP.  🙂  Congrats to Glen!  Per Glen’s feedback, this book currently covers CS2007 w/ the intention to be updated w/ CS2009 content.


Commerce Server Profile Schema – Automating Import/Export with PowerShell Scripts

A common headache for any large team Commerce Server project is keeping each local developer’s workstation in synch with the schemas.  In the case of the Profile System, each developer must be mindful to export the profile schema using the Commerce Server Manager, check-in to source control, and then notify the team to import the…


Commerce Server 2009 Web Cast – Using Store Locator Web Part

In this Web Cast, I explain how to setup, configure, and use the Store Locator web part feature of Commerce Server 2009.  If you have any questions, issues, or feedback, please contact me via my e-mail address, You can download the PowerPoint deck here. UPDATE: This web cast is now available on Channel 9…