Tabbing within Visual Studio

Tabs are everywhere within Visual Studio. By default each time a new window is opened a new tab is creates. Many times a lot of tabs can make moving around quickly seem a bit difficult. Within Visual Studio the <CTRL> + <TAB> key open a dialog similar to the Windows Alt-Tab dialog that shows all…


Selecting a Block of text

Regardless of the new framework features – copy and paste is still one of my favorites. One of my favorite tricks is selecting a block of text. By default normal text selection is line by line. For example it’s not possible to select just the items to the right of the equals sign.   However,…


AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft

Very cool – AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is an open-source development tool aimed to bring the Visual Studio experience to building World of Warcraft addons. This is the first release of the project and there are lots more ideas around how it can improved. Get it here


Architecture Journal Reader

A great download to check out – We’re proud to announce a new offline experience for the Journal, called the “Architecture Journal Reader.” Demonstrating many of the UX principles highlighted in recent issues, this new reader is a locally installed application that enables you to take every issue of the Journal into a searchable, immersive,…


Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit

The Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2008 features and a variety of framework technologies including: LINQ, C# 3.0, Visual Basic 9, WCF, WF, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, VSTO, CardSpace, SilverLight, Mobile and…


Presence Samples

I have been looking for some good example of using presence programmatically and ran across these   Microsoft Presence Sample for Smart Client Applications The Microsoft Presence Sample for Smart Client Applications illustrates how to display presence status and provide real-time collaboration options in smart client applications using the interfaces provided by Microsoft Office Communicator 2005….


How To: Live Search 101

I have recently started playing with some of the Live Services available at There are some pretty interesting Web Services they have been putting together. I started playing with the Live Search Service you can find at The following is a simple example to show how to use this service with VB. Note:…


Developing Mobile Applications with the Compact Framework 2.0

Download the PDF here  Overview Cellular phones and PDA’s have changed the way we work. For many people the built in network connectivity, email synchronization and instant on capabilities make these devices an attractive alternative to bulkier laptops.  These types of features combined with enterprise application demands have led to a new generation of Windows…


ADO.NET Entity Framework June 2007 CTP

This CTP contains updates to the ADO.NET Entity Framework since the Visual Studio Codename “Orcas” Beta 1 release, including changes in Object Services, Query, Entity Client, and the Entity Data Model Wizard in Visual Studio. Some of the new features include IPOCO, detaching from long-running ObjectContext instances, multiple entity sets per type, support for referential…


Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" – March 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

In case you hadn’t heard. We have just released the March CTP for “Orcas” and the .NET Framework 3.5. Check out the VPC with the installed bits from here. As with all CTP’s it is important to provide any feedback. The .NET Framework 3.5 brings no breaking changes. New technology is being added including LINQ,…