Building Mobile Business Objects

Building Mobile Business Objects Download Samples   Download PDF Overview The drive to connect people, process and devices is a never ending cycle of development. Enterprises are demanding applications that deliver seamless communication with their partners and customers without sacrificing security, transactions, reliability and performance. Distributed application systems are quickly becoming the norm. Service orientation…


An Introduction to Building XML Web Services with ASMX

An Introduction to Building XML Web Services with ASMX By Thom Robbins (   Download PDF Version   Download Samples Overview The Web Service standards define how to build application functionality that is made available to remote machines using generally available Internet protocols. The Web part defines how application functionality is accessed. The services relate…


How To: Building a WCF Service and consumer (Article)

How To: Building a WCF Service and consumer Do you see service everywhere? Alright I admit that may not be an original. However, with Windows Communication Foundation and the .NET Framework 3.0 you can.WCF is the unified programming model for building service oriented applications. It is designed to simplify the creation of connected applications through…

Creating a database with Code

Question: My company is in the process of writing a Windows Mobile 5 application. The application will make use of a locally created database that is built in the application after the user answers some questions. Essentially, based on the answers they provide we create the database with code. Do you have any idea how…


Atlas How To – Using the Update Panel

The UpdatePanel is one of the controls of Atlas that enables the adding of selective Atlas functionality to existing Web applications. For this example, we will start by building an ASP 2.0 application. With that application we then add the most common Ajax functionality to the page – the partial page update. Note: If you…


WINFX Code Jam Wrap Up

Additional Videos are available here   Session Name Links WINFX – Why should I care? PPT   Session Recording WINFX – Windows Communication Foundations PPT WINFX – Windows Presentation Foundations PPT WINFX – Windows Workflow Services PPT  


The #Region Directive

Organizing the IDE is one of the most important areas of productivity. The #Region directive allows you to organize your code into collapsible blocks of code which helps to make viewing code easier by displaying only those functions you are working with. Each region can be defined with a name that helps to identify it….


Dynamic controls and event handlers

Question: I am trying to create an ASP.NET 2.0 Web site with dynamic controls. Really what I am looking for is basically to have a label and a button on the page. When the user clicks the button I need to set the text field of the label to some value. Unfortunately, I can’t seem…


What’s the browser?

Question: I was watching you recent Web cast on Developing Mobile Applications with ASP.NET. You mentioned that it was possible to capture information about the incoming browser request to see what types of features it may support. Any chance you could give me a short example before then? Answer: Sure but you have to still…


How To: Showing Notifications with Mobile 5

Question: My company is in the process of developing an Windows Mobile 5 mobile application. One of the things that we need to do for the application design is show notification. I have read that this can be done. However, I can’t seem to figure out how it can be done. Do you have any…