Don’t forget about the Office Developer’s Conference

LIVE DEMOS. REAL CODE. HOT NEW INFO. The 2008 Microsoft Office System Developer Conference February 10-13, San Jose California ODC 2008 is the premier event for Microsoft Office and SharePoint developers, bringing together architects, developers, industry technical experts, Microsoft insiders, and key partners to redefine what it means to build on the Office system. Check…


2007 Office System Sample: Open XML File Format Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005

Pretty nice set of snippets This download includes snippets for use when customizing Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, and Microsoft Office Word 2007. Download and install these snippets to your Visual Studio code snippet folder and use them with the Visual Studio Code Snippets Manager. Example snippets include reordering slides, removing comments…


Office 2007 Webcasts

Attend three webcasts  and get a free copy. Definitely not a bad deal!

Auto Preview with Word 2007

A very cool feature that I ran across was the ability to auto preview with Word. Many times while I am working on a document I find that I want to change things like the font. The problem is that I don’t know what the output will look like in my document or how it…


Zooming with Word 2007

Ever read a Word document and want to either zoom in or out on a particular area or see the whole document at once? Another cool Word feature I ran across was the zoom. There are two ways to get to the zoom feature In the bottom right hand corner of the screen Or from…


Combined Out of Office

With Outlook 2003 I always had to remember to turn on two out of office indicators. One was the internal and the other was the external out of office tools. With Outlook 2007 these have finally been combined very nicely into a single interface found in Tools – Out Of Office Assistant Not only can…


Split Screen Email

Every write a large email or edit a document that would be nice to see both the top and bottom at the same time. I ran across the capability to do split screen within Outlook 2007. Start with a basic email and split the screen by selecting the upper right hand corner Then you should…

The Panning Hand

A very cool feature that I just ran across within Outlook and Word is called the panning hand. Let’s say you are reading an email or a news feed in your inbox. If you want to scroll down you can use the scroll bars or turn on the panning hand. Once turned on this gives…


The Floating Toolbar

In the category of nice feature… Within Office 2007 the floating toolbar so far is one of my favorite timesavers. How many times have you been typing and need to change the format of some text? Select your text and it appears.