Adding an InfoPath Editor Control to a Windows Form

One of the new features of InfoPath 2007 is the ability to integrate the InfoPath editor into Windows Forms. Within Visual Studio this is done using the Microsoft.InfoPath.FormControl.dll assembly. In this example using Visual Studio 2008, we will create a simple Windows Form application that contains the InfoPath control. Note: This example assumes that you…


InfoPath: Accessing template file data

The XMLForm class of the InfoPath managed code objects model provides properties, methods and events to access the XML data in the underlying XML document and form information that includes the form definition file (.xsf). For example, using the following code we can create a message box that displays some of the data that is…


InfoPath 2007 and the Logic Inspector

It’s a double edged sword, InfoPath makes it easy to enter logic and rules that control your form template. The problem is that many times you have dependencies within a form that make it hard to troubleshoot. This often leads to a very manual process of hunting and clicking to understand the overall form design….


Still have users with InfoPath 2003

While InfoPath 2007 has some great new features I am sure that you have users that still running InfoPath 2007. One feature of InfoPath 2007 is the ability to save InfoPath 2007 forms backwards compatible to InfoPath 2003. To use this feature make sure that when saving the InfoPath 2007 for make sure that you…


InfoPath 2007 and the Multi Select List Box

The Multiple Selection List box is a new control for InfoPath 2007. As the name implies this control enables form users to select more than one option when completing a form. In this example we will take a look at how this control can be used. Create a new InfoPath form and then add the…


Importing an Excel Spreadsheet using InfoPath 2007 (Simple Example)

Not only does InfoPath 2007 allow you to import a Word document but also an Excel spreadsheet. Create the Excel Sheet In Excel select the File – New and select the Time Sheet Template Once the worksheet is created save it to a directory on your machine Create the InfoPath Form Start InfoPath and select…


Importing a Word Document using InfoPath 2007 (Simple Example)

InfoPath 2007 has a nice feature that allows the importing of Word documents. Many times you may have existing Word forms that you use within your company. Moving these documents from Word to InfoPath may seem difficult. In this simple example we will do a very simple import of a word document that has structure…


InfoPath 2007 Sample: Training Labs

Trying to learn more about InfoPath 2007? Check out this download contains for the supporting files for the series of InfoPath 2007 Training Labs. Use these files contained in this download to complete the labs requiring additional files. <<Available here>>


Exploring the Choice Group

Many times when designing an InfoPath form we need to provide users the ability to select different sections or choices for their data entry. One of the benefits of InfoPath is that we can make these sections mutually exclusive using Choice groups. With a choice group users can remove or replace the default section with…


The art of dynamic required fields

Required fields are an important part of any InfoPath form. They are used to ensure that the form contains the necessary data elements to adequately describe a complete entity or business process. Typically, this is done at the field level during the initial design of a form. Many times this may not provide an ideal…