Extreme CODE Makeover Contest

Working with the great folks at Brooktrout on a fantastic Speech Server Contest! Can you show the code? Speech enabled applications are quickly becoming an essential component of all application development. Visual Studio.NET 2003 combined with the Speech Server SDK and the Speech Server Production environment enables applications to take advantage of speech within any…


New Article Posted – Building Speech-Enabled Applications with ASP.NET

Thanks to the folks at Code Magazine  –   While sleepless the other night, I was channel surfing and ran across a rerun of the 1968 science fiction classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s definitely a must see. HAL, one of the main characters of the movie, is a…


Extending the Enterprise through Mobile Solutions

Had a great opportunity to attend and present a session at the Regional Architect Forum in Washington, DC. What a great collection of people and topics! As promised my presentation on Extending the Enterprise through Mobile Solutions can be downloaded from here.   <Download Slides>


Announcing even more content for Speech Server!

  Additional content is being added to the Got Speech site which includes some new videos!   Speech Flow Control   Introducing the Datatable Navigator   Using Speech and Web Services   Introducing Dynamic Grammars   Speech Application Design Considerations


More Content Available

More short video content is now available on http://www.gotspeech.net   Testing for Speech or DTMF   Advanced Weblog Demo   VUI as a Presentation Layer   TIP: Enabling Prompt all Functionality


Speech Day

Well the dust is starting to settle from Speech Day and it looks like everyone had fun and learned a lot. I had a chance to quickly bring up http://www.gotspeech.net site and will continue to add content to it and contest entries as we move along. If you have things you want added or would…