Importing a Word Document using InfoPath 2007 (Simple Example)

InfoPath 2007 has a nice feature that allows the importing of Word documents. Many times you may have existing Word forms that you use within your company. Moving these documents from Word to InfoPath may seem difficult. In this simple example we will do a very simple import of a word document that has structure we want to pull into Word.

Create the Word Document

Select File – New in Microsoft Word 2007 and select the Purchase Order Form

Once the form is created save the form to a local directory on your machine


Create the InfoPath Form

Start InfoPath and select the Import option

From the Import screen select the Word document and click next

Enter the location of the document

Once the import is completed

The form is available for use


Comments (2)

  1. Not only does InfoPath 2007 allow you to import a Word document but also an Excel spreadsheet. Create

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