Seattle and Snow

Cold and snow in Seattle? What is up with that?

The view of my dashboard with the current time and temperature

The view from car window of the white stuff on the side of the road

Well it was only 29 degrees and at most only an inch of snow.

Definitely not that bad

Comments (3)

  1. Jason Haley says:

    Welcome to Seattle Thom!  Funny how alittle snow and ice shuts everything down around here … I don’t think they could handle one of those Nor’easters 🙂

  2. trobbins says:

    it was amazing – even Starbucks was closed!

  3. Al Alper says:

    The last time I saw that the headline on the news paper read "Seattle Buried under 1 Inch of Snow."

    I watched as a car floored it to try to get up one of the many hills. It just fishtailed like a pendulum as it slowly slid down the hill backward.

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