.NET University

A fantastic idea by Doug!  .NET University is a way for anyone to get to a set of overview courseware for each of the 4 new technologies associated with .NET 3.0, which is currently RC1. Each lecture is 75 minutes, each lab is 30 minutes, so all content can be completed in a full day. It is not advanced content, but rather a technical overview of each new technology, with an introductory lab to help drive home the basic foundations of each technology.

 .NET U serves a couple of purposes for the community at large:

  • The content is free for you to download and learn .NET 3.0 on your own

  • The content is free for you to take and re-present to others, as long as you do not charge for it

  • The content is ideal for new speakers to present at Code Camps, as the slides have speaker notes at the bottom, to coach you on how to present the slide.

  • If you would like to teach all 4 sets of slides and labs to a developer audience, you can request to schedule a formal course, and you can receive certificates of completion, and alumni shirts for those that complete the courseware.

  • Doug running a more formalized .NET University days throughout the Southeast US. Check the Current Schedule page for more information.

Comments (4)

  1. Russ C. says:

    I just downloaded all the presentations and hands-on labs from the .NET University web site tonight and I was pretty impressed with the material.  

    I might be interested in presenting this to a group of people.  This is a good way for me to break into speaking about .NET technologies, but I don’t think I would have enough time to prepare for all four presentations for the Code Camp next week.  However, I would be willing to teach one of these at the Code Camp next week, provided there are other people that would be willing to present the other three. Any volunteers?

  2. Romeo Pruno says:

    VIA Thom Robbins .NET Weblog Questo servizio da la possibilità di prendere mano con le 4 nuove…

  3. Doug Turnure says:

    We’re running along at a pretty good clip now, with about 10 course runs in the local hopper and growing interest around the world.

    The local user groups are where we’re seeing the most early activity, although it’s starting to show up in Code Camp venues as well.

    I believe we’ve now had requests from every continent in the world.


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