Code Camp 6: Devs on a Plane

Code Camp 6: Devs on a Plane

Version 6.0 of the ever popular and "original" Code Camp promises to be the best yet!

Oct 21 2006 9:00 AM - Oct 22 2006 4:00 PM 

Microsoft Waltham

201 Jones Road

Waltham, Ma.

Microsoft New England District: 201 Jones Rd, 6th Floor, Waltham MA USA

Code Camp 6 is a FREE community organized event where all developers are welcome to share their knowlege by submitting an abstract and speaking. All abstracts on a developer oriented topic will be accepted. There is no review process, only scheduling the presentations into timeslots. There will be seven (7) simultaneous presentations throughout the two non-work days. Some presentations will be lecture style and others will be less formal discussions. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Microsoft Northeast Region Developer Evangelist program. So submit an abstract, even if you are new to technical speaking. We want everyone to share their knowledge with fellow developers.


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  1. pslmsngr says:

    I have a suggestion for content.  When I’ve attended a previous sessions showing code samples I usually hear the comment something like this; this code is not ready for release.

    I’d like to see a session where the focus is getting a very small WinForm application, that uses a small database, ready for release (i.e. error trapping, proper storage of sensitive information, placement of copyright header, and whatever else gets done for release).  And using one-step deployment to deploy (i.e. setting revision numbers, and whatever else gets done for deployment).

    The WinForm application could be as small as a Hello World WinForm app; but, needs to be able to use a database (i.e. store the "Hello world" text to the database) and generate errors for trapping.

    The point is not what the WinForm app does; but, getting it ready for release to a real customer and deploying it.  The app could be written in C# or VB, but I’d prefer C#.  I’d also like to see and download the app and slides/or document for use as future reference.

  2. [From Thom Robbins .NET Weblog] Code Camp 6: Devs on a Plane Version 6.0 of the ever popular and "original"

  3. Now that Summer is over, the development community is getting back into full swing again.  …

  4. Dave Burke says:

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  5. I’ll be speaking on Ajax at two more New England venues this month. First, I’ll be presenting at…

  6. Dorothy Rifai says:

    I registered through When I tried to log in for the first time, I got an ASP.NET error.

    I saved the login page if you need for debugging.


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