XNA Game Studio Express Now Available!

Thanks Andrew for pointing this out -

Get it here:


Please note that XNA Game Studio Express requires Visual C# Express Edition to be installed. Both Visual C# Express and XNA Game Studio Express can be installed side-by-side with other Visual Studio 2005 SKUs (the normal caveats about installing beta software apply, of course).

Now, go write some games!

Comments (5)

  1. I can’t install XNA Game Studio Express alongside VS2k5 Standard? I’d rather avoid two copies of Visual C# on my computer if I can, what with the way I burn though HDD space.

  2. trobbins says:

    Yup I have to agree. I believe this is something that they are looking to resolve.

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  4. Actually installing C# Express (or any Express sku for that matter) does not double the files on disk. The Express skus are what is known as AppID lites (the AppID is the .exe you run, like devenv.exe for VS and VCSExpress.exe). AppID lites share most files with VS and there are only a few additional files added above the VS SKU. This sharing of files is the reason that you can’t specify the install path after the first SKU is install (first one gets to pick). Anyway the point of this rambling is to say don’t worry too much about disk size because most of the files are shared. And the upside is you get to program the XBOX360 (soon).


  5. I’ve never been a big gamer, so maybe that’s why I’m a little slow with this news.  But this is…

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