Announcing the Windows Mobile Virtual User Group Meeting

We had a great turnout for last’s months meeting. Would you like to join us?


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Windows Mobile Developer Virtual User Group Meeting

Wednesday, September 20 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern Time  



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This month’s presentation

Sharing assets between the .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework (Presenter - Daniel Moth)


Whether you were first introduced to .NET via the Compact Framework / Windows Mobile or via the full .NET Framework on the PC, it may make sense to share your code assets between the two platforms. In this session we will explore when you should be doing this and when not. We will then explore the options available (e.g. directly sharing binaries or conditional compilation) and drill into problems and workarounds. This will include framework differences, platform/OS differences, optimal usage of Visual Studio 2005 and how things have improved since NETCF v1

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