The Winner Is – Virtual Earth Madness Contest

I am happy to announce the winner of the Virtual Earth Madness contest. It was a tough decision with many of the entries that we received. That was until I received a CD from Denny Breitenfeld from NetBlender. The application was incredible. I have to say that at first I didn’t believe it was a contest entry until I spoke with Denny.

The application is an Interactive CD tour of Thomas Jefferson trip to France to bring wine tasting to America. The interactive nature of the CD was amazing. The key component for the contest was using the Virtual Earth.

Well after the movie is done you can view the following interactive tour of his trip

As you click on each area you can learn about the area and his trip using an interactive menu with Virtual Earth!

Great use of pushpins and then combined with interactive content!

The CD is a bit large so unfortunately, I can’t post the whole thing on the web (it’s about 3 gigs with video). However, as part of the contest they have provided their Virtual Earth code that you can download from here.

Congratulations to the folks at NetBlender! What an amazing use of Virtual Earth and enjoy the XBOX 360!

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