Mini Code Camp Security Edition – Agenda

Mini Code Camp Security Edition – Agenda




Session 1 All you need to know about Membership – Patrick Hynds 

ASP.Net 2.0 provides the powerful and sometimes mystical Membership API.  In this session you will learn everything from how to use and setup the standard providers to how to build your own for fun and profit!


Session 2 Crypto, New Security Stuff – Duane Laflotte

.Net 2.0 has improved on virtually every aspect of the developer experience and security is no exception.  In this session you will see what has been added, what has changed and how you can leverage it all to make your systems better than ever.


Session 3 Code Access Security - Duane Laflotte

Code Access Security (CAS) is probably the least understood and least leveraged technology that can save your life.  Finally see how it all works in the light of the new .Net Framework and maybe you can join the small percentage that actually gets it. 


Session 4 Developer Best Practices – Patrick Hynds 

If you ever just wished you could get the list of things to care about you might actually follow that advice.  In this session we will do our level best to share the things that most know they should do, but just can't seem to muster the strength to follow through.  An alternative title might be, "Things to do that might just save your job".

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