Introducing the <DataContract>

As we have seen in previous articles. Creating a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service begins with annotating the class with a <ServiceContract> attribute and an <OperationContract> for each exposed operation. The design of WCF uses these attributes to expose the service endpoints and to determine the mapping of incoming and outgoing data between the worlds…


Playing with namespaces

The Root Namespace property sets the base namespace for all files in the project. If you want to set the the root namespace of a Windows Form project it is done through the following steps. 1.       Select My Project   2.       Within the application tab it can be set By default all namespaces in a…


Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in (MOSA)

Very cool looking little tool that I am downloading now to check out. This download will enable you to send SMS text messages through most Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile phones connected to your PC using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. Available here


Making an Office Warmer

  Since my move out here things have been a bit hectic. Between the move here, the great Washington’s blizzard, a bizarre wind storm and various other things. I am a bit behind. One of the new things for me is having an office. Having worked out my home for the last several years when…


The Big Wind

In case you haven’t heard Seattle and the outlying areas had a huge wind storm late last week. Coming from New England I have to say it was pretty incredible and was a lot like the infamous Nor’easters. The unfortunate part was that this resulted in some serious power outages and damage to the area….


The Advantages of Running Applications on Windows Vista

An excellent read and congratulations to Doug for putting this together. The Advantages of Running Applications on Windows Vista Details improvements in the Windows operating system with the release of Windows Vista, and describes new features in security, performance, and reliability/management. (17 printed pages)


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Visual Studio 2005 represents one of the most significant developer tools releases since the introduction of Visual Studio nearly a decade ago. It offers all types of developers a wider spectrum of development possibilities and a greatly advanced design experience. By expanding the Visual Studio product line to include the Visual Studio Team System and…


Webcast Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone that attended yesterdays Webcast on Real World SOA. As promised you can find the slides here. Also as we talked about take a look at the recently updated Microsoft SOA site for some additional resources available here.


Enabling Visual Styles

Windows XP introduces a new look and feel to the Windows user interface. This new interface provided controls that have rounded corners and that change colors when you pause your mouse over them. By default Windows based applications created with Visual Basic automatically support visual styles known as XP Themes. By default this is enables…


RC of MSDNWiki available

In case you haven’t seen it. The MSDN library has recently made available a Community Content feature for the Visual Studio 2005 documentation and the .NET 3.0 Class Library on MSDN Online. This feature is designed to allow the community of developers worldwide to extend the official online documentation by adding tips, notes, code examples,…