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This is just a really cool idea that has a lot of possibilities.


Via Raj


Use MSN Encarta as your personal encyclopedia. Add to your IM contact list, then ask it questions.

Comments (4)

  1. I’ve tried, but the bot is not very smart and the integration with the other window that opens (for the map, search, etc) doesn’t work very well

    very good concept, but there’s still a lot of work to do

  2. trobbins says:

    No questions it can use some additional work but really a cool idea.

  3. jamie broomall says:

    This direction is a really exciting prospect, not new, but still exciting. Have you seen MIT’s or there are also a number of bots that have been around through AOL IM for a number of years like SmarterChild. Now if you could integrate this with Speech Server or something like as the output that would be super cool.

  4. trobbins says:

    No wasn’t aware of the MIT one. I have seen a few over the last couple of years and they are a cool use of technology. Agreed – that integrating them with Speech Server would be a very interesting use of the technology.

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