Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild

Well what a great Code Camp it was. We had more people, more pizza, more content and more fun than at any of the others. More detailed information later – but thanks to everyone and all that presented.


What a great crew of people and a community we have here!


As promised I have posted some of the sessions and will post the rest over the next couple of days as I receive them to here.

Comments (2)

  1. Marshall Rosenstein says:


    Thanks for your work in hosting the camp. This is my first camp (both speaking and attending), and I had a great time. Who sponsored the pizza? Oh, and where did you get the cookies from on Saturday? I had a few too many, but the white chocolate Macademia were just too good. Send me the leftovers. I am worn out after the weekend, but not nearly as much as you are, I am sure.

  2. Dank says:

    Thanks again to Thom for getting it all together yet again, and thanks to Patrick Hynds, Robert Hurlbut, Julie Lerman, Chris Bowen, and Carl Franklin. You guys put on some awesome sessions, and we appreciate all you do for the community.

    Can’t wait to see everybody at Code Camp 5 – Muahahahaha!

    Hopefully next time I’ll be seeing a session or two from the other side of the podium!

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