Code Camps Continue!

When we started the Code Camps here in New England almost two years ago we had a simple idea. It was really to bring good quality content, new speakers, local flavor and ideas to the development community. It looks like the ideas that Chris, Carl, Patrick, Duane and many others have become an important part of more than New England. In taking a look at the Code Camp schedule, I was pretty amazed!


I think somebody summed it up the other day - Code Camps are about having fun! I have to say that we have been lucky with the outpouring of support from both the community and businesses. I constantly hear all the great stories of the success that people have had with Code Camps. It’s really amazing to see how people have embraced the few simple ideas that many people put together in the Code Camp Manifesto.


Today, I am pleased to announce that we have started to secure several Contributors to help with Code Camps. Contributors aren’t sponsors – they are the rare people that want to get involved with the community. It’s important to remember that Code Camps aren’t about marketing or about a conference! It’s about the having fun and learning. Keep an eye on the site as we are looking for new Contributors. If you want to become one please feel free to drop either myself or Chris Pels a line!


Remember if you are looking to attend or sponsor a Code Camp in your area check out the official Wiki for Code Camps. If it’s not listed here it’s not a Code Camp!

Comments (4)

  1. Greg Low says:

    Hi Thom,

    You haven’t listed the Ozzie one We had ours in April 2005 and should again be in April next year.



  2. trobbins says:

    Actually that was my fault. Although, with the Wiki you can add it yourself. We really wanted to make it all self service.

    hmm – maybe one that I need to attend in April!

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