Looking at the Team System

As you can guess Visual Studio Team System seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. I was talking with a customer today who was trying to figure out the various roles and understand what each feature does. If you haven’t seen – this slide to me seems to make the most sense.

The problem is that it really doesn’t provide any description of each of the features. Certainly not to be the definitive source but I put together the following that has a roll over feature that provides a description.

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It really is a work in progress and would love to hear what you think. The full page can be viewed here.

I have a few that asked for copies they can download and run locally. The zip file that contains a local running executable can be gotten from here.

Comments (6)

  1. Adam Young says:

    One thing I don’t get, and didn’t realise until now – the dev edition doesn’t really give you anything other some code analysis tools that were previously free (e.g. fxcop). Considering that if we have msdn subs we now have to choose one or the other of the 3 roles – where’s the value-add in going with the developer role?

  2. Thom Robbins, a Developer Evangelist in New England, has taken the obligatory Team System PowerPoint…

  3. Mike says:

    Cool. Only constructive criticism, when you hover over some of the sections and their tool tips come up there are some shapes in the background that are still on top of the tool tip making it hard to read.

  4. Carl Franklin has posted the .NET Rocks Show #117&amp;nbsp;with members of the Team System team ⊕


  5. The centerpiece to any presentation I give on Visual Studio 2005 Team System (at least the slide portion),…

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