Announcing – Mini CodeCamp Special Edition – C#

Mini CodeCamp Special Edition – C#


Microsoft Waltham

Saturday April 30 8:30-4PM


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Are you a C++ or VB6 developer who’s wondering: should I bother to move to .NET? Or perhaps you’ve already dabbled with .NET but are wondering: how do I get started? Or you’ve already cobbled together a C# solution to meet a deadline, and wondered: what have I missed?


If this sounds like your situation, you’re in for a treat: join us for a Special Edition of Code Camp – a 1-day Mini Code Camp entirely focused on C# -- presented exclusively by our own Richard Hale Shaw (


We’ll start the day with a review of the fundamentals: how does .NET work? What does the CLR do for you? How is it that all applications start life as Unmanaged and how does the CLR get loaded? How are the Framework libraries organized? How does the C# language work, which features does it inherit from C++, Delphi – and of course, Java – and which ones are really patterns for generating IL constructs?


Next, we’ll turn to leveraging Legacy Code. Can you harness that existing code base of DLLs? What’s the best way to do so? And how about that investment in COM servers you so painfully wrote? Can you invoke them from C# -- and what are the pros and cons of doing so?


In the afternoon we’ll discuss the architecture of .NET applications, and how you can adapt it to implement N-tiered applications. What are the best – and worst – approaches to building C# applications and how do you avoid the pitfalls? Which techniques should you avoid altogether?


Finally, we’ll wrap up with a look at the future: C# 2.0 and VS2005. We’ll discuss the new language features in C#, and advantages of utilizing .NET Framework 2.0. We’ll also look at VS2005, and what to look forward to in this year’s release of the IDE.


In short, we’ll spend the day in a fact-filled, code-laden tour of the C# language and how to implement .NET applications – both with today’s tools and the tools coming out later this year.


As always, the Code Camp Series represents the best technical content of the local developer community. The Code Camp is free and guaranteed to be the most fun that you can have in any day camp. This is an exclusive mini-session that is not to be missed!


Pre-requisites: you should have previous experience programming an OO language such as C++, Java or Delphi, or experience programming Windows with VB6. Previous experience programming C# or .NET is helpful but not required.

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  1. RHS: Events says:

    If you’ve read my post about CodeCamp, you’ll know I’m enthusiastic about the idea. Thom’s slowly convincing…

  2. RHS: Events says:

    We’ve sold out all 400 seats for the C# Mini CodeCamp being held at the end of April, and as of today…

  3. We’ve sold out all 400 seats for the C# Mini CodeCamp being held at the end of April, and as of today…

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