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The Got Speech Day is coming together. We have some great speakers and topics!

Got Speech? Developing Applications using Microsoft Speech Server and .NET

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February 23, 2005

Microsoft Waltham

201 Jones Rd

Waltham, Ma.


What the Heck is a Multi-modal application?


Thom Robbins
Technology Specialist
Microsoft Corporation

Speech enabled applications have traditionally encompassed a very small set of enterprise applications. With the technology, standards and tool sets available they have been difficult to develop and maintain. However, there has been an increase demand for multi-modal applications within the enterprise. This has increased the role of speech enabled applications as both standalone and integrated parts of the enterprise architecture. This session will introduce the concept of a multi-modal application and cover how this type of application is developed by a developer using Visual Studio.NET 2003 and the Speech Server SDK. Finally, we will cover how this application can be deployed to the enterprise using the Microsoft Speech Server.

Building Basics


Mark McAulay

Director of Product Management & Technical Support

Pronexus Inc



This session will introduce you with the basics of building applications with the Microsoft Speech Application SDK.  We'll start with a brief architecture overview and a quick tour of the different components in the SASDK (like speech controls, promptdb, grammar editor, TASsim, etc).  We will then piece together a simple example of a typical speech transaction to show these pieces in action.  We will also show the use of Pronexus' VBSALT (rapid application toolkit) as a value-add to the MSS and SDK.

Advanced Techniques for Speech Application Development


Duane Laflotte
Lead Architect

Critical Sites


In this session I will bring you on a guided tour of Speech Server and its many features.  We will develop applications that leverage much of the power and flexibility of Speech Server.  Some topics we will cover include: Speech only applications (inbound and outbound), Multimodal applications and the right way to design these, Run Speech manipulation, Prompt Databases and dynamic use of Text To Speech (TTS), applications that leverage database iterators, and much much more.

Top 10 Developer Tips and Tricks


Don Sorcinelli

MVP, Windows Mobile Devices


.NET Speech Server and the Speech Server SDK provide a number of ways to design, develop and deploy voice-centric applications. For many developers, this technology poses a number of new challenges. In this presentation, you will learn the top developer tips and techniques to better understand and more effectively developing .NET applications that leverage the power of the .NET Speech Server SDK.

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