Will Code for Device – Winner

Will Code for Device Winner

Mike McCann

EchoNode Personal Data Repository (EPDR)

Mobility Roadshow Attended: 11/09/2004 in Irving Texas

The EPDR application is a category driven, "node" based application with each node being designed to serve a task useful in organizing the tons of daily information presented to most individuals. This entry starts with two "nodes", one to track oil change service dates and taxable deduction made throughout the year. The EPDR application will keep track of when your next oil change is due and how many deductions you have accrued to date. The number of "nodes" that the app can implement is really limitless and the next version will see nodes for tracking warranty and insurance information for all of one's household items.

Other future enhancements to this app include a web service that will find discount coupons at time of service and the ability to share information with third parties like your mechanic or tax advisor via a webservice. This version uses SQLCE to store all information locally.

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