Introducing the XMLTextReader

The .NET Framework provides a variety of classes and methods to manipulate XML. However, many times an application requires read only access to an XML Data file. This is the perfect situation for the XMLReader. This abstract class provides a fast forward only cursor for XML files and is used in both the XMLNodeReader and…


Navigating the XML Document

In this post I provided a simple example of how you can programmatically create an XML Document. Once created it can be saved directly to disk by adding the following line of code to end of the function   xmlDoc.Save(“cust.xml”)   It is important to remember that the XMLDocument is actually an in memory DOM…


Building an XML Document in Code

Question: How can I build an XML Document with Code for the Compact Framework? I understand that I can use the tools of Visual Studio, XML Spy or even Notepad to do this. Unfortunately, I don’t know the format of the actual XML Document until the application is running.   Answer: It is important to…


What is a GUID and how to create one?

Question: I am trying to create a unique identifier. I know that I want to create a GUID for this from what I have been reading. What is a GUID and how can I create one?   Answer: By definition a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) is a 128 bit integer that is considered statistically unique….


SQL Server 2005 Webcasts

The Microsoft SQL product team is hosting special week of live MSDN Webcasts to provide you a sneak peek at what Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 has in store for the future database development. SQL Server 2005 offers a new paradigm for database development that integrates SQL Server and the CLR to provide several…


Forcing a User to Logoff

Question: I am developing a Windows Form application and need to force the user to logout. I have been through the various namespaces of the .NET framework and don’t see anything that will help me. Any ideas?   Answer: You are correct that the .NET Framework doesn’t provide a way to do this. However, by…


Hands on Lab Manuals – Posted

I wanted to thank everyone that attended the recent Hands on Lab sessions that we help for InfoPath. As promised here are the lab manuals that you can download from here.


A nifty little command line tool

One of the most frustrating errors for me personally is during installation. Unfortunately, they happen for any number of reasons. I was working with a customer the other day that was having one of those types of issues during the installation of Visual Studio.Net. As it turns out they had installed IIS after installing the…


InfoPath and Managed Code

Question: I have installed InfoPath SP 1 and am ready to develop some managed code using Visual Studio 2003. However, I can’t figure out how to do it? Answer: Actually installing SP 1 is only half of the solution. You still need to install the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET that can be…


Webcast Slides Posted

I wanted to thank everyone that attended my Webcast on Developing Web Services for Mobile Applications. As promised you can download the slides from here.   The replay link is here